1. @ K4NITEL: @carbon, can you share the thread link
  2. @ carbon: @CyberGod, no but I HAVE vm and sandbox i tried to download craxrats from ur thread but it is not working he downloa always get cancelled i tried other browsers and devices but stil the same prblm
  3. @ missuwuinjector: @CyberGod, okay
  4. @ CyberGod: @missuwuinjector, sure waiting for your payment
  5. @ missuwuinjector: okay, i was also thinkings about that, i will pay xmr
  6. @ CyberGod: @missuwuinjector, amm about forum soon i will expose it better you take premium of the forum
  7. @ missuwuinjector: @CyberGod, which type of idea , you're thinking
  8. @ CyberGod: @missuwuinjector, aah justing hanging out with my girl and thinking about a new idea
  9. @ missuwuinjector: @CyberGod, nothing , what's about you
  10. @ CyberGod: @missuwuinjector, amm fine feeling a lil boor... what you are doing ?
  11. @ missuwuinjector: @CyberGod, hey, how are you?
  12. @ CyberGod: @missuwuinjector hey
  13. @ CyberGod: @carbon, do you have rdp
  14. @ carbon: guys i need where i can find android rats with their tutoriells i have like 5 or 6 rats but idk how to use
  15. @ PakistanDatabaseAgency: @seher, its better to use english
  16. @ seher: Instagram şifre kırıcı
  17. @ pwnmaster123: thanks for replying Cybergod I await your findings
  18. @ PakistanDatabaseAgency: Hey guys
  19. @ CyberGod: @Rayze, my pleasure
  20. @ Rayze: @CyberGod Contribution makes the community! Thanks for providing the forum!! lol
  21. @ CyberGod: @Rayze, thanks to contribute buddy
  22. @ Rayze: Thank you CyberGod, I have corrected that link, it is available now for your inspection. That other fileshare service sucked azz lol
  23. @ CyberGod: @pwnmaster123, its depends on user but i have not tried it from a long time maybe i can tell you after a lil test
  24. @ CyberGod: @Rayze, one of your post didn't have link moved to temporay
  25. @ CyberGod: @Rayze, approved